Pfsense has block jungle disk

  • I have confirm that pfsense 2.0 is blocking jungle disk. Please anybody know how to unblock jungle disk on pfsense. the port number that jungle disk use is 2667

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    Sorry but 2667 does not go through pfsense..


    Jungle Disk uses ports 443 and 80 for outgoing connections to the following servers:

            *, which is only used for Server Edition

    Jungle Disk also uses the following incoming connections:

    localhost (the connection from the Jungle Disk Application to the Jungle Disk Service)
            2667 (it listens on this port for commands from the operating system)

    Its possible your local software firewall is blocking something you need for it to work..  But sorry that port does not flow through pfsense - so how could it be blocking it?

    Was it that you think is not working - and maybe we can help you sort it out.  But pfsense does not block anything from your local OS ;)

  • Thanks for the info
    I did block some sites and services on the firewall so i add the IP of the Server Running Jungle disk to the exception list. Its now working fine.

    Thanks again

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