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  • Hello all,

    I've been doing pretty well hosting behind a dynamic address thanks to DNSimple's POOL records that let me aggregate dynamic dns cnames under subdomain records.

    Now, I've hit a snag and I think I have a solution, but I wanted to see if anyone here is familiar and can assist.

    I'm hosting an Exchange Server and using OpenVPN behind my one dynamic IP. I wanted to run an OpenVPN full tunnel Remote Access server over TCP 443 for those times when I am on a locked down networks that only allow TCP 80/443 etc.

    Anyone know if this is possible using HAProxy if I specify the OpenVPN Remote Access server to use TCP mode? I have limited experience with HAProxy but it seems like it would fit the bill.


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  • Jimp, awesome. Thank you!

    This will save me from banging my head against HAProxy for the time being, until l add another Exchange Server or the like.

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  • This works perfectly.

    FYI, anyone who is doing this, you must disable any previous NAT & firewall rules for 443 aside from the OpenVPN 443 rule.

    So far so good, all exchange services are working. (Exchange 2013*)

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