Lowest supported memory for pfSense 2.1

  • This old sticky post in hardware warns not to use systems with less than 128MB RAM: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,1712.0.html
    Are there 128MB  systems that will run pfSense 2.1 base and boot OK and run basic routing and pf'ing?
    If not then;

    1. What should be the minimum supported memory? (256MB?)
    2. Various memory checks in bootup code need to be revised so they make sensible decisions/spit out sensible warnings based on current memory needs of pfSense 2.1/FreeBSD 8.3.
      Comments please…

  • Banned

    Afraid 128MB of RAM will break as soon as you start blocking the IPv6 bogons.

    $ wc -l /etc/bogonsv6
    79175 /etc/bogonsv6

    BTW, some use cases should be easy to test using hw.physmem="128M" I guess.

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