SRV records with tinydns - do they work?

  • Hi,

    I dont think SRV records work with tinydns (unless you implement them as "raw")?

    Having a quick look at /usr/local/pkg/ at the resulting "data" file that is created, it would appear that the SRV records are not formatted correctly.

    (The variables rec_port,rec_weight are never defined, and around line 557, tinydns_get_rowline_data() is called with variables $domain[src_], when they are stored as $domain[$srv_] - thus they are blank.

    While I was able to "hack" the resulting produced data file to render a correct SRV line for tinydns - it never resolved anyway (looking up "A" records returns results immediately, but looking up "SRV" records results in no response) and couldnt figure out why. (I was using this page as a reference

    Anybody else have this working, (without having to use "RAW" records)?

  • Banned

    No, not without patches. Given the "problematic" (to put this very mildly) upstream, I'd not install any such thing anywhere. It works just fine with unbound.

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