FTP, and others

  • Hi all ive been using pfsesne for a long time now (about 8 months) i love it, it has a great interface, and is very stable. i have port 80 going to my web server. This works fine, and has worked fine for a while now. The problem is other ports. My webserver is linux. and that works fine. I would like to forward port 8080 and 21 to a windows box ( and i cannot get it to work. I have looked at all the forums post and followed and endless trail of guides and tuturials. Can someone please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks Mike

  • It should be the same as your port 80 forward….. So maybe your problem is the windows firewall? else post what your have done so fare.

  • Are you using virtual IPs? Bare in mind FTP requires a CARP-type virtual IP.

  • I think the pfSense server redirects the port 21 traffic to its own server, and not to NAT. I see this when I nmap scanned the server from WAN, where port 21 is open to the pfSense server itself all the time

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