• I'm running Pfsense 2.0.3 x64 and I’ve installed the NTOP Plugin (latest version installed from packages).
    I want to see data about which computer accessed which site, network usage, statistics and such.

    I am aware that NTOP can show you data about which computer accessed which website at a particular time during the day but I cant get it to show me any historical data beyond the current day. I want to extract historical data for a specific IP

    Can the current NTOP on Pfsense show you any historical data about computers (IP's) accessing sites ?
    Do i need to make configurations changes on NTOP to get historical data? if YES can someone be kind and share there config
    (I'm using the default configurations that comes with NTOP)
    Also can someone recommend another plugin that might can do what I want based on what i posted just now?

    Any Help Appreciated
    Thanks in advance.

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