Sarg generates only 10 reports

  • I installed the package sarg
    I adjusted it
    It worked just fine
    I do not know what I did
    But somehow sarg generates only 10 reports

    The package is directed to a new report every hour
    And maintain 24 Recent reports
    When the 25th hour report comes the report of the of the first hour deleted

    Now for some reason
    There are only 10 reports
    Some old 5 days

    What could be the problem?

  • Here is a screenshot of the same day I did the other screenshot from the first Message

    Taken second screen is from today

    According to settings the report should be maintained 24 hours and erased

    As you can see it does not happen

    First of all should be more reports

    Second report Oldest supposed to be a 24 hour old

  • Any suggestions what could be the problem
    I have here a month back reports
    And it is not updated as planned

  • Here's a picture 5 minutes ago
    Still keep the reports From a month ago
    And no new reports

    I tried to remove the package and reinstall it
    It did not help
    These reports have appeared still

    According to configuration
    Should be 24 reports
    Every hour a new report

    When the number reaches 25 reports
    The first report is deleted

    So that there is always 24 Recent reports

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