• Please can someone make detail (mean step by step) "how to" for repairing filesystem with fsck.

    Simple fsck -y do not work because there is NO default YES for "CORRECT?" or "SALVAGE?" questions.

    Yes, i did search web, and yes i did read tons of manuals for fsck…
    Here I have beer prepared and waiting for someone who will help.
    ... please do not waste your time with "read manual responses"... I need precuse instruction for pfsense...

    Best regards.

  • If your filesystem is that far gone nobody will be able to provide you with a generic step-by-step process.

  • If your system wasn't shut down cleanly, fsck -y automatically runs at next boot. If you get thrown to a prompt where you have to manually run it (though I don't think that's even possible), running fsck -y manually will work.

    I'm confused on exactly what you're seeing.

    If you're to a point where fsck -y isn't fixing the file system problems, you have some serious issues that will probably require a reinstall.

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