Radvd.conf empty

  • Hello,

    I use 2.1-RC

    on LAN interface i setup a fix ipv6 address. Under DHCPv6/RA i set router advertisements to unmanaged. But stateless autoconfig will not work. So I checked the config file.

    cat /var/etc/radvd.conf

    # Automatically Generated, do not edit

    Looks nothing in there. Could this be a bug? Or have i start radvd manually?



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    The usual problem there is that your static assignment on the interface is not a /64, but some other size.

  • I had entered in LAN (static ipv6) XXXX:XXX:XXXX:XXXX::1/64. I checked it again but radvd.conf looks empty.

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    Uhm… What's xxx.xxx? At least the first octet.

  • 2a01:170:1075:a251::1

  • After Update to 2.1-RELEASE the problem is solved!

  • I'm having a similar issue on the current 2.1 RELEASE.  I set my lan interface as static IPv6, fe80::1/64 and when I bring up the DHCPv6/RA page it is completely blank.  Am I configuring this wrong?  I'm use DHCPv6 on my Comcast interface and it gets an IP just fine.  Just not sure how to get IP's out to my clients with radvd going.

    EDIT:  I got this going.  I switched to using track interface on the LAN and  DHCP6 with /64 prefix delegation request  on the Comcast WAN and everything came up.

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