• [solved]  Just got the 2006-02-15 beta version and slightly different config, it works great now.

    I've been experimenting with using WRAP plus pfSense (beta1) along with PublicIP captive portal system.
    Because PublicIP relies on MAC addresses being available to identify clients, pfSense must be set to Bridge mode (I assume). So, I set pfsense to Bridge OPT1-to-LAN and also LAN-to-WAN, firewall to pass all on all interfaces, filtering bridge on, same IP on each interface. The Bridge works great when connected directly to our network, and the PublicIP works great with all my off-the-shelf Wireless AP/Bridges; however, when I use pfSense in Bridge mode connected to my PublicIP captive portal server, web surfing is extremely flaky and hangs in a predictable manner.
    Thanks, -pc