Patch for 8.3 IPsec to better scale up to large SPD / SADB

  • I seem to remember that pfSense had a patch for IPsec to allow large number of tunnels, but I can't seem to find it under pfsense-tools/patches

    Anyway, I just happened to notice this patch which was submitted to FreeBSD recently, coming from one of the maintainers of ipsec-tools (racoon):

    From: Timo Teräs timo.teras@iki.fiDate: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 09:05:42 GMT
    Subject: IPsec does scale to large SPD / SADB
    Send-pr version: www-3.1
    Number: 181699
    Category: kern
    Synopsis: [ipsec] [patch] IPsec does scale to large SPD / SADB
    Severity: non-critical
    Priority: low
    Responsible: freebsd-net
    State: open
    Class: change-request
    Arrival-Date: Sat Aug 31 09:10:00 UTC 2013
    Last-Modified: Sun Sep 01 04:35:30 UTC 2013
    Originator: Timo Teräs
    Release: 8.3-RELEASE-i386

    The algorithms for IPsec SA lookup and SPD lookups are O(n), and things slow down to unusable state if number of SPD or SADB entries goes >100.

    Attached are patches to convert linear list lookups to hash lookups (SADB), and implementing a simple SPD caching layer to speed up SPD lookups.

    Patch attached with submission follows:/

  • I thought this feature would generate some interest, since there are quite a few pfSense user who run or wish to run 100s of IPsec tunnels.

    Perhaps I should have posted it in the IPsec sub-forum …

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Too late for a change like that on 2.1. Ermal looked at it yesterday also.

    IIRC we already have some changes for that. We have people with 300+ tunnels already, if that still applied to pfSense, we would have heard about it by now.

    Though it may still be worth looking at for 2.2 if it is a further improvement.

  • I also e-mailed Seth (who I afaik has many IPsec tunnels) who might be interested to test it out and compare results.

    Assuming the patch gets merged into FreeBSD-HEAD, I guess pfSense 2.2 based on FreeBSD10 would pick it up anyway.

  • I think O(n) means a gradual degradation (linear) so a statement that >100 items in one or other DB "causing" problems is a bit misleading - it depends on your horsepower and traffic.

    A quick look at one of my pfSense VMs shows 136 odd items in the SAD.  Can't say things are unusable by any stretch of the imagination.

    However a better algo is always a good idea in any area of IT - the bloody things are cut n paste out of many textbooks!  Amazing something as old as IPSEC has only just received this treatment.


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