Share the same phisical network?

  • please, this is a little dummy question, but I need to know…

    My wan interface was connected directly to the wan router, and the lan interface to the lan switch... as I can use more than one public IP from my router, I connected the router into my switch and the WAN nic into the same switch, that is in the same phisical lan of my LAN nic... when this was done, my windows xp boxes begun to say that "there were duplicated names in the network"; of course, there were not any duplicated name in the net, but this was strange... this way I installed the WAN nic and the WAN router into another switch that has no link to the LAN switch. I know this is the correct, just because all the traffic to that switch (and all servers on that using public ips) should pass trought pfsense.

    But I just would like to know, why that happened? is there a way of share the phisical network for both LAN and WAN nics???

    thanks a lot


  • VLANs.

  • @jahonix:


    sorry, can you explain that? I've never used VLANs.

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