Asterisk behind PFsense, problem after WAN down

  • Hello experts,

    I run an Asterisk PABX behind PFsense 2.01.
    Everything is working fine but when WAN is
    down for a little while, Asterisk failes to
    reconnect to the provider when WAN returns.

    The only solution is to reset the states in
    the PFsense. After that Asterisk reconnects
    instantly again.

    I have a fixed WAN IP adres (cable modem)
    and no QOS or failover.

    Bart (NL)

  • I have this same exact problem

  • How log do you wait to see if it will reconnect?

  • I've seen it stay down for over 6 hours until the states were reset.


    Maybe not the problem, but I would try to get it to register often and timeout often.

  • To all Asterisk+PFsense users,

    Today PFsense has released version 2.1 with the solution to our problem.

    The release notes say :

    “State Killing on Gateway Failure” now kills ALL states when a gateway has been detected as down, not just states on the failing WAN. This is done because otherwise the LAN-side states were not killed before, and thus some connections would be in limbo, especially SIP.

    I tried this today and it works fine !

    Don't forget to activate this option in System=>Advanced=>Miscellaneous=>Gateway Monitoring

    you have to UNcheck the box "State Killing on Gateway Failure" to make it work.

    When you use this option in PFsense, no further adjustments have to be made in Asterisk.

    Bart (NL)

  • My ADSL public IP renews every 24 hours, which caused loss of registration with voip providers.

    This tip fixed it, thanks Bart.

  • <started another="" thread="" with="" details="" of="" my="" issue="">Hopefully someone will respond there…hopefully.</started>

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