Multi ADSL Issue

  • Got what I hope is a simple problem…

    Have pfsense set up with 1 Lan and 1 WAN connection. On the WAN, default gateway set to ADSL1. ADSL2 is also set up and ADSL1 and ADSL2 are in bonding group 1 (both Tier1). Firewall routes all WAN and LAN traffic to gateway Bonding Group1, but traffic only goes over ADSL2 (which is listed as first Tier1 in bonding group). Firewall is currently open with only the Allow all traffic rules set (as mentioned forwarding traffic over the bonding group)

    I thought using the bonding groups this way would load balance the traffic on a round robin basis, but I just can't get the traffic to balance out.

    Any ideas and thanks for your help.

  • Just to give some further info…

    LAN - /22
    WAN - /24

    ADSL Router 1 -
    ADSL Router 2 -

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