Can all FreeBSD packages be installed on pfSense, and what makes sense?

  • Is it possible to install any available FreeBSD package on a pfSense machine using the command "pkg_add"?

    The number of addon-pfSense-packages is very limited, but I think there are some things, that would make perfectly sense to be run on the firewall router, like:

    I2P router
    squid + privoxy + tor
    public ftp-server (just for temp stuff without security risk)
    http-server  (just for temp stuff without security risk)
    some P2P stuff

    What else would make sense to run on the pfSense machine, and what's definitely a NO-NO (except any security sensitive stuff)?

    I think, it's a logical thing to do, to run some more things on the pfSense machine than just the plain firewall router stuff, if you have the pfSense machine in use 24/7.

  • This has been discussed before, and the response is that you're on your own if you do.  It's completely unsupported.

    I would say that I strongly disagree with your final sentence.  The most you should ever install on a firewall would be a proxy server or VPN endpoint.  You should never run FTP/HTTP servers etc.

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