Compatibility with a Foxconn R40-i4000?

  • Hello!

    The minimum system requirements are somewhat thin, in that, it doesn't explicitly state what is supported in the hardware realm of things.

    I purchased a brand new Foxconn R40-i4000 to run ClearOS on, but am not content with how "incomplete" ClearOS is. Therefore, I would love to go with PFSense.

    Before I go ahead and install PFSense, I'd like to know if it will install and run properly on this platform.

    The Foxconn R40-i4000 has:

    • Intel Atom, Cedarview-D, Dual core CPU D2500
    • 4gb of DDR3 1066mhz memory
    • 320gb SATA2 HDD
    • Intel NM10 Chipset
    • Onboard NIC: RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (this is the driver ClearOS installed for it)
    • PCI NIC: Intel 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller


  • I would think you would be OK on 2.1

    But not ok on 2.03

  • OK so I've gotten as far as finding out that 2.1 (RC1 20130903-1408) does not work with AMD64. Lots of strange problems getting the installer to even boot properly.

    I'm now trying the x86 installer, but ran into a ton of problems. Eventually got further by disabling ACPI during boot of the installer, but then it started to give me a ton of USB mount warnings and eventually froze completely. Next, instead of using an external USB CD-ROM, I'm now going to try installing from a USB flash drive.

    So far, I'm NOT having a good time! :)

  • Disable lots of things…

    Disable SATA3 if you can...
    USB3 if you can
    AHCI if you can

    Then try again.

    Pretty much, turn off every bell and whistle you can in BIOS except those built in NICs.

    Then try again from a CD ROM.

    I've seen lots of people struggle with new hardware this way.

    I am looking through the specs of this.  It doesn't have any of the things I'd normally expect to cause issues.
    With the exception of the realtek NICs the board doesn't look like bleeding edge stuff.

  • Don't suppose you have a CD drive you could plug into a SATA port on this thing during setup?

    This USB mount issue is sounding familiar in a bad way.

  • I suppose there is a good chance you are having this issue:

    If the boot stops with a mountroot error while booting off the live CD, usually with USB CD/DVD drives, escape to the loader prompt and run the following:


    On 2.0 this is on the boot menu - option #3 to boot from USB devices.

    At which point the boot will continue normally and you can proceed with normal installation.

    If running permanently from a medium that requires this delay, edit /boot/loader.conf.local and insert the following line:

    Personally, I'd just plug a CD drive into SATA during setup and go back to that 64bit version and try again.

  • Netgate Administrator

    There was (or is) an issue with the 64bit graphics driver for newer Atom chipsets. The installer actually runs fine but the output is garbled so it's impossible to see what's happening.
    There's really no reason to use 64bit on an Atom anyway, 32bit should be OK. Does it loose much RAM?


  • I'm wondering about that USB issue of his.  I install using SATA, so I've never had that happen to me.  I hope I gave the right advice on how to handle that condition.

  • @kejianshi:

    Disable lots of things…

    Disable SATA3 if you can...
    USB3 if you can
    AHCI if you can

    Then try again.

    Pretty much, turn off every bell and whistle you can in BIOS except those built in NICs.

    I second this advice but would add turn off SOUND/AUDIO devices in the BIOS because FreeBSD doesn't include drivers for AUDIO devices. Serial ports and parallel ports are less troublesome because drivers for them are included in the pfSense kernel.

  • I am up and running on 2.1 RC1 (latest build from last night).

    I do this, by doing the following:

    1. Updating the BIOS to the latest version.
    2. Installing with a USB flash drive.

    That's right kids, I totally overlooked such a mundane detail….you know....keeping the BIOS up to date. I'm retarded.

    On another note, MY GOD pfSense is amazing! I was up until 2:00am playing with it. Soooooooooooo far beyond ClearOS!

  • Thats great…

    Because troubleshooting can get long!  haha.

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