Bandwidthd issues

  • Hi all, please help me reset bandwidthd. Bandwidthd doesn't arrange ipaddresses like it did before after 1 or 2minutes. (-big to small in terms of usage)

    Secondly, it keeps previous day records. Its never present. Lastly, how can I make Pfsence block an ip-address automatically than going to rules and doing it manually? :(


  • Which versions of pfSense and Bandwidthd package are you running?
    What are your bandwidthd settings?
    (post the Services Bandwidthd GUI page)

    The Bandwidthd graphs do not have any hooks directly back into pfSense, so when you find a device that is doing something "naughty" you need to note its details and then manually make whatever rules in pfSense to restrict it.

  • bandwidths -2.0.1_5
    pfsense -2.0.3-RELEASE (i386)

    will post the screen shortly

  • Hey helper, here…....

  • Your screenshot is of the actual Bandwidthd output table (and there would be graphs down below that). It looks good to me - sorted in order of data quantity transferred, and the date is quite current. So please describe more how it goes wrong.

    And post the settings you have put into the Bandwidthd package page on pfSense - Services->Bandwidthd

  • Okay thanks,

    But, i guess 322 and 727 wouldn't appear like that.

    Before it was the viceverser.

  • But, i guess 322 and 727 wouldn't appear like that.

    Now I am stumped - I don't see what you are referring to by "322 and 727". Maybe these are aircraft from Boeing :)

    If you want bandwidthd to remember anything between restarts, then you need to check output_cdf and recover_cdf. That might be why your graphs only show the last few hours of traffic. On a full install these files survive bandwidthd restarts and firewall reboots.

    Note: If you are on nanoBSD then these "cdf" files are in the memory file system. They are thrown away when the firewall reboots. Currently there is no code to save them to the CF card (I should implement that one day!).

    There is a slightly later version of bandwidthd package - 2.0.1_5 pkg v.0.1 - that only adds functionality to send the output to a postgreSQL database. It didn't change (or fix) any of the previous functionality. So updating should not make any difference to you.

  • Hey Phil, I meant the kbps levels. Before it was presented in an ascending order, now its so different. It doesn't seem to notice the ip addresses that are using a lots of bandwidth, place them at the top and those that have gone off the network. Instead it mingles everything to an extend that I cant notice.

    But anyways, helped lots. Thanx

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