Darkstat cannot connect on 666

  • Installed darkstat, set it up to use the LAN interface, save changes..then I click on access darkstat and it times out looking for darkstat on port 666.

    It gives me a page cannot be displayed error. Darkstat service is running according to pfsense. I have tried stopping and restarting with no luck.

    Any ideas.

  • Just gave it a try without any problems…..
    So i guess we need more information.....version....other packages installed...etc

    Confirm the problem with latest RC version and as default install as possible is always a good idea.

  • Perry

    thanks for the help. I looked over it again, seems that its only giving me the errors when Im doing it from remote. If I am within the LAN it will load but from the WAN side its the only one that doesn't work.

  • Do you have a rule on WAN that allows traffc to this port?

  • No but I will do that now thanks :D

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