Need help on FreeRadius!

  • Hi,

    I wish to use the freeradius package. I learned that it could be configured to authenticate. But I am not that techie enough to understand every config on it so I may need your expertise. So please bare with me.

    What I have:

    1. Have installed pf on 3 pc.
    2. all of the 3 pc have captive portal on it, I CP is now active.
    3. have not yet generated any voucher as I am planning to generate it on the pc that I'll be using as radius server authentication.
    4. I know where to download the freeradius.

    What I need.

    1. I need a help on the configuration.
    2. I wish to generate the voucher on the pf where I'll be installing the radius.
    3. I need help as to how to configure the other 2 pc in order to direct its authentication job (voucher auth via CP) to the Radius server.


    I have some would-be users that will be connecting to the 2 pc via CP, but instead of its own portal authenticating from itself, I mean voucher db, I need the user's authenticated from the radius server.

    Any help, advise is highly appreciated. Please let me know what other info you need so I may be able to put everything bit by bit.



  • Hi,

    you should start with this. It explains the basics, what to configure and what to test:

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