OpenVPN Client says connected but server has no status

  • Both sides have CARP clusters. The Client on one side and the server on the other. Both bound to GW groups. GW groups have underlying CARP VIPs.

    The client says its connected.

    The server status thinks the link is down. Doesn't show anything for status.

    I can pass traffic through the tunnel. And there is nothing in the OpenVPN logs that indicates the session did not come up successfully.

    Is there a way to cat the socket file from the shell to see what is the status of the OpenVPN connection?

    I think this is also related to the bootup process. If I manually stop and start the server or the client and force a reconnect then the status does show up correctly.

  • The server side is in a WAIT state. But the VPN link is up and running. Very annoying. I guess I will just create a cron job to check and restart the links.

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