Cann't open /dev/cuaU1.3

  • I have a pfsense with 2 UMTS cards over usb adapter.
    Now I have seen that 1 card is down since a few weeks.
    I have rebooted the pfsense to power off the UMTS card and upgraded to newest firmware.

    syslog: ppp: [opt2_link0] MODEM: Fail to open serial port /dev/cuaU1.3 on speed 115200

    Normally I can use cu to open the interface in the gap while ppp tries to connect.
    After this didn't work I disabled the interface and while this didn't work I rebooted pfsense with disabled interface.
    After reboot there is no mpd for this device.
    But it always says: all ports busy.

    cu -l /dev/cuaU1.4 works:

    cu -l /dev/cuaU1.4
    Sierra Wireless, Incorporated

    Why can't I open /dev/cuaU1.3?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Why not select /dev/cuaU1.4 for the modem rather than 1.3?

    Modems often offer multiple sub-devices but not all of them actually work for serial, and some change depending on the mode the card is in from what I've heard.

    So if you re-select the port as 1.4 from Interfaces > (assign), PPPs tab, it may work OK.

  • No, APP1 is not for data.
    Only 1.3 has the right service.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Something is preventing the port from being opened, then. Either it isn't accessible for one reason or another, or some other process already has a hold on it.

    Does the node actually exist in /dev/? Can you hit it with cu or tip and get a proper AT command response? (you can kill the mpd process trying to latch onto it, if that helps)

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