NRPEv2 Feature Request

  • Hi all,

    Not sure who to address this to or if this is even the right place, so if it isn't, let me know and I'll move it whereever it belongs. ;-)

    I love the NRPEv2 package for pfSense. It's making things awesome for me, since I'm monitoring multiple locations. I can now pass through my NRPE commands and monitor things inside those networks.

    One small feature request: Could you make the Commands section sort itself by name instead of by when it was added? That way when I add a new entry it will locate itself alphabetically and be easier to find later when I'm trying to troubleshoot.

    EDIT: Another idea: If I could move commands around like I can under Firewall -> NAT (which I know is done for rules priority, but…) that would also work. Just looking for a way to keep all of the commands organized in a clean fashion.

    Thanks for the consideration!

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