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  • Guys/Gals;

    Installed PFSense recently on a SOEKRIS NET6501-70. I have PFSense installed on the 4GB SLC MSATA SSD and it seems to work great (Installed full PFSense CD ISO). I also have a SATA 250GB HD in the same case.

    I have having trouble with configuring PFsense storage. I would like to store traffic captures, snort alerts and signatures, NTOP data metrics, and any other data intensive or SQL based plugin on the 250 GB HD rather than the SSD. Also, I have the HD mounted as /Data but how may I configure for the mounting to be persistent across reboots ?

    Any help in the area would be great !

  • Netgate Administrator

    There's a docs page just for this:
    It's for an older PATA model so you may have to translate some stuff.

    It's all there except for making it persistent. You can either edit the fstab and add the new disk or use the Shellcmd package to mount it at each boot.

    Edit: That doc is old! In step 4 don't use that command to re-mount the file-system RW use this:
    Edit 2: You don't need to do that at all because you are running a full install.  ::)


  • Thanxs Steve for the near immediate response !  I should have been more detailed in my original post. I had come across the link you shared for embedded SOEKRIS and was able to use it to mount the drive. However it is that that point that I dont see any way of configuring via WebConfigurator how to point SNORT, NTOP, or others to make use of my mounted data folder. Suspect I need to do this via the CLI, but was not readily clear.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes I should have read your first post more closely.
    pfSense does not expect to see more than one disk so there's no option to do this from the webgui. There are a number of threads detailing peoples experiences with similar setups though. A number of people have used a second drive for a Squid cache when running from a flash drive primarily. Not sure about Snort but I expect it can be done with some manual tweaking.


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