Routing problem with vlan after nat

  • hi,

    pleasant day to all.

    my present setup before pfsense installation:

    vlan 1 ( –>layer 3 switch <-- (vlan2
    member vlan 1                                            member vlan 2
    computer 1                                                  computer 10 (webserver
    computer 2                                                  computer 11
    gw                                        gw

    the present setup above had no problem. vlan 1 could access the computers in vlan2 and vice versa. Then i installed a pfsense box with 2 nics. 1 public ip ( and the other with  ip address of member of vlan2. The purpose of which is to port forward the http request from to my web server I followed the documentation and now the port forwarding works like a charm.

    However, I am at a loss now how can my vlan 1 connect to my webserver since i changed the gw from (layer 3 switch interface) to (pfsense box) in the web server.

    Any pointers is highly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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