VLAN Network adapter assignment problem

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm using Hyper-V, i've managed to successfully installed pfsense 2.0.3, installed the custom kernel from FreeBSD and transferred it into pfsense. Changed my legacy network adapter to the normal network adapter.

    The problem i'm facing is that on my pfsense i can't seem to assign my VLANs. The error says that there are no compatible network adapters found.

    Is anyone facing this problem as well, and is there anyway around this? in need of urgent help! Thank you!

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    Looking at the kernel thread, here, is appears there many posts about VLANs. The virtual NIC drivers do not appear to be VLAN compatible however people seem to have worked around that by doing all the VLAN config in Hyper-V presenting each to pfSense via a separate virtual NIC.


  • Yep…

  • Actually i've already went through the whole tutorial following every step successfully, however on my webGUI i'm still unable to choose my network adapters to assign it to my VLANs..

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    I'm haven't tried using hyper-v with pfSense so I'm only interpreting that thread.
    It seems as though the new virtual NIC type enabled by the kernel mod cannot support VLANs for whatever reason. Thus if you need to use vlans they need to be terminated (untagged) in hyper-v and presented to pfSense as separate NICs.
    It seems from your last post that you're still trying to add vlans in pfSense. I could be mis-reading that though.  :-\


  • Thanks for the suggestion! u've interpreted correctly, when u say that i should untag the vlans on Hyper-V, can i check how is it possible? Thanks so much for the patience! am very new to this!

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    He's saying that VLANs will NOT work AT ALL. Instead of VLANs, you need a separate virtual NIC for each "VLAN" added to the VM.

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    I'm pretty much totally unfamiliar with Hyper-V I'm afraid but from a conceptual point of view I would try some thing like this.
    Say you have 5 VLANs coming into the VM host machine and you need to send those to pfSense to route and filter traffic between them. You would create a virtual switch and bridge the real NIC to it such that all VLAN traffic reaches it. Then create 5 virtual NICs for the pfSense VM and connect those to individual ports on the virtual switch. Now configure the switch to separate the VLANs to each port/virtual NIC. Then in pfSense you assign each NIC as a new interface, no VLAN config needed.

    It may be that Hyper-V handles VLANs differently, I just don't know. Perhaps someone more familiar can comment.


  • Seems I've seen something like that work before in esxi  ;)

  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your replies! actually that was already one of the considered option, however i have a constraint, because i can only create up to 12 Virtual network adapters in Hyper - V, however i have a need of up to 14 VLANs.. Is there a way around this? I've considered having 2 VM on pfsense however it'll make the whole set up much more complex..

    Thank you so much for your time.

  • 2 virtual instances of pfsense?

  • @kejianshi:

    2 virtual instances of pfsense?

    Yes, i've considered this option, however it'll complicate the whole network set up..

    the goal is getting the hyper-V vNIC recognised as vlan-capable parent in pfsense..

  • That would be nice wouldn't it?

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