Routing (ping) between virutal machines on 2 host's

  • Hey guys I'm a total noob at Pfsense and routing and i need your help here, i've made a pic to help abit :)

    the setup is the same on both host's are using virtualbox VM1-2(3-4 also) each have 1 nic that is set to internal network (they have the same name etc..) the VM that is running Pfsense has 2 nic's 1 to the internal network and 1 to the wan i can ping the red(wan) on both but i can't ping inside the net network (green side) can anyone help me out here?

    Note's: Pfsense is NOT! running as a firewall or anything else here its only use is for the routing part, i have disabled everything i can thing off but nothing works, any idea's?
    There is a switch between the 2 host's i forgot too add that in the pic sorry.

  • It could be that there is NAT happening - that would let you get out from behind 1 pfSense to the WAN of the other but no further. If you really have no firewall (pf) running then there should not be NAT.
    Does each pfSense have a route to the network behind the other - there will need to be a static route, or some routing protocol package installed.
    Post some more detail/configs of what you have disabled and done so far to nobble the firewall/NAT and tell it routes.

  • Okay so instead of resetting pfsense i just reinstalled it again using this .ova (pfSense-2.0.3-RELEASE-i386-20130412-1022.ova) from the DL page, nothing has been done to change anything what do i need to do?

    I did this because i think it will be easier for you guys to hopefully guide me through this if it was a clean install, insted of something i might have fu**ed up along the way :P ::)

  • Well - It seems most likely that your two VMs have NICs that are not bridged to the physical network, as they should be.  Check your virtual NICs to be sure they are bridged.

  • No they are not bridged to the physical network(in a way they are?) only the Pfsense VM is the other along with the pfsense green nic are in an internal network seeing that all the data they need are going through the pfsense VM first (I will setup the firewall etc. later on just need this to work first :))

  • Sigh…  Take a look at your status > DHCP leases.

    Do you see your VMs there or not?

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