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  • Hi
    Is there any way to apply changes automatically after save?
    I don' want to use Apply Changes buttom.
    should i change php files? How?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Umm, perhaps I've misunderstood this. What's wrong with the 'apply changes' button?

    Reading between the lines I imagine you're running some sort of script. You can probably use the config reload function to apply changes to the config file you've made.

    Maybe use:


    Perhaps more reloading than you need.


  • I was showing someone else how to configure stuff on the GUI, and they asked the same question - why after pressing "save" do I also have to have an "Apply Changes" button to press?
    I pointed out that in many places you first "get your act together" with multiple changes, then apply them to the running config all at once. The best is example is probably firewall rules, where you might be designing some ordered list of pass and block rules, which need them all there in order to operate correctly, so you don't want each change to be applied as you go.
    In other places, like adding static mapped DHCP entries, you might be doing quite a few and just don't want to be bothered with the system restarting/reloading the config of the DHCP server for every addition…

  • Banned

    Also, there's like getting cut off of a machine couple hundred kms/miles away by doing a simple mistake, which could have been fixed easily before applying.

    This is a horrible idea, forget it.

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