Give host or IP priority or set of bandwidth

  • I set a traffic shaper for an ip to have 128kbps bandwidth and set the rule in my firewall on Lan side. But i want to give priority to an website or IP or any host where in the event someone is using the full 128kbps on that ip if they connect to a certain IP or start any traffic with a certain IP it will give them 32kbps minumum priority to the max. How do i set that up under my firewall rule?

    Not sure how to add more shapers under a rule ect.

  • Just add an additional LAN rule before your Internet access rule to that destination IP and assign it to the appropriate queue. You can create a new queue for this purpose with real time bandwidth.

  • I am confused of how to define this rule or where to add it. Can you give me a push in the right direction? Im looking around but not sure i get it.

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