Router with NAT and Routing and Firewall (DMZ/Perimeter without NAT but FW)

  • Hi everybody

    I just got 8 Public IPs from my ISP which are in one /29bit subnet. I would like to use the IPs as efficiently.

    I would need a hint if what I'm looking for can be done with pfsense.

    My requirement is a Router with 3 Ethernet NIC which can do the following:

    First NIC: should do PPPoE to connect to the ISP and get the first available public IP
    Second NIC: should provide me a subnet of private IPs which is translated with NAT over the First NIC and which is firewalled!
    Third NIC: should provide the same subnet like the first NIC is in but only routet and also firewalled!

    The third NIC will be connected to a VLAN on a Switch where devices are connected which should have internet access over a public IP. The reason for this is, because i don't want to NAT them as there is some kind of SIP traffic going through.
    Basically what I need on the third NIC is a DMZ/Perimeter without NAT.

    Regards Markus

  • Just to give a little feedback to my posting by myself..

    I started to install it few Hours ago and it is already installed on my router hardware and works like a charm.
    Very impressive and nice peace of software!


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