Multi - Wan, OpenDNS

  • Hi,
    So I have completed my first pfsense box. I know this may have been answered already but because of necessity, I am pressed for time to go through the forums:

    3 ADSL WAN LINKS ( 2 Dynamic, 1 Static ), 1 LAN Link

    WAN links are configured to Load Balance and Failover. Obviously, because, they are load balanced, clients will be getting different WAN IP Addresses.

    What now should be done to update OpenDns such that content will be filtered regardless of the WAN IP Address a user is assigned?

  • You will need to have 3 DNS names, 1 for each of the WANs, that translate to each of the WAN public IP addresses. (since you have 1 static IP, you could specify that static IP in OpenDNS as 1 of your "sites")
    Use the Dynamic DNS on pfSense to keep the name up-to-date with the current public IP.
    Tell OpenDNS the names, and it can lookup the current IP address.
    That way, OpenDNS knows the public IP addresses that are "yours" and can apply your filtering rules to DNS requests from those IPs.

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