Status: Traffic Shaper: Queues don't add up…

  • This has probably been asked but why is the root queue bandwidth double the sum of it's children?

  • Another issue noticed occurs as often as not.  Upon loading the QUEUE page the numbers are sometimes normal and other times are averaged very large.  After allowing the page to refresh long enough the numbers eventually become actual (realistic).  Shouldn't the page be cleared each time it's loaded?

  • What are you using to get the graph to show like that?  I am interested in having it laid out like that .

  • Version 2.1 lays it out like this using FireFox browser.  Is something specific you like about the layout?  As I recall it's much like 2.0.3, perhaps a bit more condensed vertically.

  • I'm seeing the same problem. Pfsense 2.1RC2 (September 6th snapshot), Firefox and Chrome on Windows XP.

  • I guess I am just not seeing it graphed like that on 2.03.  Where it is showing PPS and all the other stats on the right.  I run it in Chrome so I can try it on FF for sure. Might have to upgrade to 2.1 depending on how stable it is right now.

  • I would say 2.1 is, for the most part, solid but I have been bit a couple times doing what would otherwise be inconsequential using 2.0.3.  Changing rules, while PfSense is in service, seems to cause the most trouble.  You can get away with it most of the time but it has bit me.  Once when routing went sour to the gateways and another when the unbound service stopped.  Rule changes cause Unbound service to stop then restart, sometimes not starting.  Not sure if this is by design or not.  Perhaps to populate the unbound.conf with host/ip info on the local subnet.  If I turned this feature off perhaps unbound would keep running through a rule change, have to try it.

    If this was for home use I would definitely jump ship to 2.1.  Since my installation is in production I do most of my testing of new features and troubleshooting on a separate matching test box.

  • Just to add, pftop seems to be ok, accurate. Only webgui->status->traffic shaper:queues is messed up.

    I really do not care at this point, but if somebody wants to open bug report please wait until 2.1 is out. We don't need additional delays.  ;D

  • I'm looking for a work-around like adding a line to a config file, maybe Jimp will chime in.

  • Yeah, ever since I have upgraded to 2.1-Rel my PRIQ queues just don't make sense.
    They show crazy numbers, sometimes in the Gb range, they take a minute or two to stabilize to real numbers.

    Like a VOIP queue should show roughly 50pps/64Kbits + 10% overhead or so per call.
    It used to show that pretty much instantly when a call was started in 2.0.X.
    Now it takes a minute for it to even crawl up to 64kbits.

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