2.1 production date?

  • Good Morning,

    Like many of you I run a home system (2.0.3 i386) on older hardware.  No problems- it just hums along doing everything I ask of it and I have all my recovery strategies in place.  But, I've free'd up another box that I've tested with the install and can deploy a 64 bit version on with twice the memory.  Since the old version/hardware is running along just fine I've decided to just hang onto the 64bit box and use it for a fresh install of production 2.1.  I'm old enough and fought enough IT development battles that my patience for this product is pretty long…  8)

    Does anyone (Jim, Chris,?) have even a ballpark idea of when the RC will become a production release??  not looking for anything exact... before Christmas?  Before Easter next year?  Before Moore's law breaks?  Oh, and is the 2.1 book through editing phase and off to the publisher yet?


  • Moore's law broke already…  But my fingers are crossed for Yom Kippur.  ::)
    (I get asked same question in PMs.  Like I'd know)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    As far as I know there isn't anything currently holding back 2.1. We're doing some more testing and work internally here to make sure things are good and the release could happen any day now depending on whether or not we turn up anything.

  • Thanks Jim,
    That's better news than expected.

    And congrats, I know its a big milestone for you guys!


  • first (and hopefully only) round of 2.1-RELEASE building now.


  • Looks like in a few hours now - the 2.1 Snapshot Feedback and Problems Forums were locked down retired this afternoon  8)

  • Its gotta be within 2 hours or I lose my bet on Yom Kippur. ;D

    Thats right.  I'm setting a deadline on the completely awesome totally non-rooted completely free fruit of your labor. 
    So hurry  (Is that even fair?)

  • Here it is!

    Many thanks and congratulations to all who are involved.

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