Getting in from the outside on DMZ

  • Hello. Archie from NetEffect. Big boss is away and left a list of contacts for problems. I have a problem.

    I learned how to turn on the extra LAN card from a video and put the CS:GO server there. I followed the instructions on a DMZ and eventually got the server to see the outside world. But i couldnt get to the server through steam. And i went to one of those port sniffing sites and the firewall did what it is supposed to do and nothing from our IP pinged back. I cant figure out how to open the DMZ to the internet coming IN. And i am afraid of messing with what is here because i dont know how to fix it if i mess up the other side. So i undid it and made it default on the DMZ
    Going to post some pics becuase i dont know how to describe it otherwise.

    So i have the CS opt1 on its own IP like the guy said  IMAGE1 and IMAGE2

    Then i undid the rules so there was no blocks just to see if i could see it from outside  IMAGE3 - But i cant see ANYTHING from outside if i probe the IP we have from ISP

    So i am Guessing that what i need is here?  IMAGE4   I am supposed to make some rule that says if anything comes to WAN IP send it to the DMZ IP?  example
    WAN IP and the DMZ is i send it to the  ?

    Or do i send it to the machine that is on the 4.4 ? Lets say it is

    A picture of what it would look like is worth 1000 words for me. I have a bit of a reading comprehension problem. :-[

    Thanks for any help

  • i couldnt make the pictures smaller so here is image 3 and 4

  • I have been reading for a bit through various versions of the question i have. Is this the way it is done for sure? I dont want to kill the other network by accident or i am dead.,8804.msg53329.html#msg53329

  • Ok i think i opened EVERYTHING to the server box but what happened was that the other network went down. This is what i did.

  • Oh k. I have been told to stop playing with this. I accidentally made it so no one could play Final fantasy or War Thunder but they could still go to the web. Disabled the opt1 and everything worked again.  :o

    thanks for reading at least.

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