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  • I am now through the company's local area network access, but the LAN IP address assigned only one , but to bind the MAC address. I now have two computers, so I used a router connected to the company network , the MAC address of the router

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    What??  Maybe you would have better luck posting in your native language in that section of the forum.

  • I think he is saying that he is on the company LAN and that he can be allocated on 1 IP and that it binds to a MAC, but now he has two computers.  So I suppose he would need to clone the MAC that is allowed on the WAN interface and NAT that IP to a LAN and a switch.  Then plug his two computers into that switch.

    All this assumes I have translated the translation correctly, which is a bit of a long shot.

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    There's has been a multitude of spam posts by this user… Even the original post here (which did sound like some legit question) had some links in it, now apparently moderated. I meanwhile deleted my reply here (pretty much the same suggestion as johnpoz), no need to assist spammers.

  • Hmmmm…  I didn't see those links or maybe just wasn't paying attention.

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