Mail server NAT behind one Public IP

  • Hi,

    I want the Mail server that is in VLAN 3 to have its traffic NAT behind one of our public IP (example

    And I want all the other VLANS to have their traffic NAT behind another public IP (example

    How can I do this? I have Virtual IPs but I don't understand if it's on NAT Portfowarding och NAT 1:1 or Manual NAT.

    Please help…

  • Any clues anyone? Please help…

    This shouldn't be hard to achieve for anyone who have some experience with pfSense.


  • You need to use Manual Outbound NAT and create a rule with source the network as VLAN3 that uses the desired Virtual IP Alias for translation. The order of the rules matter. If a higher rule matches it, it won't work.

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