HAProxy vIP and Reals on same subnet

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to have the client, HAProxy vIP and the reals on the same LAN subnet?  I have a number of vIPs and reals working spanning WAN and LAN with no trouble.  I have also seen loads of examples of HAProxy working as I would like it, just not with pfSense.  I have set up a vIP with a pool of a single server on the same LAN segment, with a further client on that LAN segment but it doesn't seem to work.  With Wireshark on the real I don't see any of the load balanced packets hitting the server.

    Does anyone have this working successfully?


  • Hey,
    This should work without any issue, have you configured a "stats" page, is the backend shown as UP ? It will tell if there is an error in the healthchecks or maybe just a unexpected reply.
    What contents do you get in haproxy.cfg ? Also firewall rules must be made manually to allow acces to the port haproxy will listen on.
    You might also want to try haproxy-devel package. It also has a widget that shows basic info about up status of front/back-ends.

  • Hi PiBa,

    Thanks for the reply.  The reals were up but unfortunately I can't get the stats page working (next on my list!).  Ill persist a bit longer with it if it should work and report back.  Have been dragged away from this a bit so I don't get much time on it.