Setup up "wireless link" as WAN or route?

  • We have an office in an adjacent building with fairly constant internet issues (cable). the office i am in with FiOS is pretty rock solid. we have been a cisco shop for years (lower end pix/asa devices) and been looking for a way to get pfsense in as a replacement solution.

    i am getting some wireless bridges to do a site link to this office next door and extend our main HQ network to them. i was thinking that in order to provide a seamless failover for end users perhaps i could setup the wireless link in a manner that clients would use it primarily for all traffic and if it went down they would failover to the old cable or even a 4G solution. I have tested the pfsense failover option minimally at my main site with on FiOS and a verizon 4G card and it seems to work much better than the ASA failover (which doesn't do USB device anyways).

    i was thinking that if we setup the new wireless bridge at a gateway/interface, then i could make it the primary for a vlan for client machines. then a second gateway would be the cable modem. the third GW = verizon 4G usb.

    GW1 would simply extend the network so id have to figure out a way to make the ASA on HQ side accept that traffic… if GW1 went down, users would failover on GW2/cable modem but i would need to setup a VPN from ASA<-->GW2 as well since users are also hitting fileserver on HQ side (cable modem at adjacent site is currently behind ASA with site-2-site)

    then GW3 could be a final failover option and im not too concerned with a S2S vpn at this time on that one.

    does that sound feasible with pfsense?

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