No access to web gui after assigning LAN IP

  • I just installed pfsense on an older AMD X2 64 Bit desktop I had. My goal is to use this with the captive portal and Paypal to setup a hotspot at a local Marina. After a clean install, I am never asked about my LAN adapter. It shows as up when I go into shell and do an ifconfig. When I access the web gui and go to interfaces only WAN interface shows and I get an ip from DHCP there. When I click the + to add a new interface, the LAN adapter is automatically selected. (so far all is good). But when I go to configure the LAN adapter is where the problem starts. After I assign a static IP of (WAN is and save my settings then go and enable DHCP on the LAN interface, I now get a 404 when trying to access the web gui. Regardless of what I do I cannot get there. I have to reset everything and start over in order to get access. Should I not set DHCP for the LAN interface and let the router do it? I would rather not do that though.

    What am I doing wrong? And why wouldn't the LAN adapter be listed automatically instead of having to add it manuall. I even added a different Ethernet card thinking it was a driver issue but no go.

    Thank you

  • Because you created it after the fact, I bet the LAN doesn't have a rule to allow access from the LAN to anywhere.
    You will need to add that.,_help!

    You could (very temporarily) disable firewall rules by typing:

    pfctl -d

    Once you have regained the necessary access, turn the firewall back on by typing:

    pfctl -e

    Now, this is assuming you haven't messed up some other thing by accident.

  • Thanks! This seems to be the issue. I turn off the firewall and it loads right up. Now I just have to figure out how to add my 192.168.0.x network and I will be set.

    Thanks again

  • No one ever presses my thanks button when they say thanks….  haha

    Anyway - I'm glad that works.  Sometimes I guess lucky.

  • Also, if your first install had just a WAN, then the anti-lockout rule gets put on WAN (since there is no LAN, there better be some place to let you access the webGUI and do more config).
    Then when you add LAN, those rules get put onto LAN instead of WAN, so you are effectively locked out of WAN - which is what you normally want for a production system with LAN behind a WAN. So you then have to move yourself to the LAN side to access the webGUI. (or add some pass rules of your own on WAN before adding the LAN)
    I suspect that some combination of this has tripped you up.

  • Yeah - I've only faced this issue when setting up a pfsense in a VM with a single interface and no LAN at all.  (Just using it as a Openvpn server)

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