When do I take out the disc?

  • I'll be doing a demo for class on installing pfsense in virtualbox next Monday. I've gotten it up and running several times, the problem is that it simply will not work without the disc I burned.

    I watched a video where the guy said to take the disc out when prompted but it never tells me to take the disc out, it just reboots and starts up the live cd again. If I take it out after shutdown it will hang indefinitely at some error about warning test_unit_ready queue or something.

  • You might wanna try the live CD and when you see a mess of text on the screen and an option for (I) = install….  Press I.

  • @kejianshi:

    You might wanna try the live CD and when you see a mess of text on the screen and an option for (I) = install….  Press I.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I actually am using a live cd, it was very late last night when I made this topic so it's not very clear, here are the steps I took:

    • It's virtualbox using the host drive with a live cd for the installation source

    • The mass of text does come up as you said, and I choose install. It goes through the whole preparation of the drive and then installs, when it's finished it says it's time to reboot and that I can remove the disk and press enter to book from the hard drive when machine is in down state.

    • I wait until the shutdown text is all finished and then remove the disk, then I get the screen telling me F1 to boot or F6 for PXE. After pressing F1 I'm met with the same boot menu that I got with the live cd, this is where the problem will start.

    • It starts loading things up as usual but gets stuck before I can start configuring the interfaces,

    acd0: warning - test_unit_ready taskqueque timeout - completing request directly
    acdo0: warning - prevent_allow taskqueque timeout - completing request directly

    I get those two errors and will repeat them over and over again in alternating order, I've let it go for around five minutes or more and it doesn't seem to be able to resolve whatever is going on.


    What I ended up doing was getting an image that wasn't a live cd, then converting it to a .VDI and it seems to work just fine.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hard to know why or how it can be booting from CD if you've removed the disc. The vm host is caching the disk? Did you physically remove the disk or remove the virtual drive? What vm host are you running?


  • Very strange - This is definitely an issue with your VM or understanding of its HDD or virtual disks.  Its not a pfsense problem.
    I'd bet its more a problem of your understanding of how the VM works also than the VM its self.

    Live install will give you no problems if the VM is handled correctly.

  • In VirtualBox under the System section for your install, look at the boot order for the storage devices. Try moving Hard Disk to the top.

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