Uptime before upgrading to 2.1

  • With the release of 2.1 coming soon, I was curious, what is your longest uptime. I am currently at 578 days at my datacenter. I wonder if I can make it 22 more days, resisting the urge to upgrade it, to make it to 600 days.

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    I once made it to just over 700 before an extended power event outlasted the batteries in a sizable UPS (I think it ended up being 8 hours+)

    Though a long uptime tends to mean you just didn't keep up with your updates like you should. :-)

  • Tru dat. I never put 2.0.3 on that server.

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    If an update doesn't really apply to the setup, it can be safe to skip. On the above mentioned system it was doing no more than firewall+routing+carp on 1.2 and no extra services so there wasn't anything compelling to move it up. Though I upgraded it not long after the power loss to 1.2.3 and then not long after that to 2.x.

  • 778 days on 1.2.3 about a year ago. Had to be powered down because of an extended power outage in the building. Upgraded to 2.0.1 at that time and it has clocked 369 days uptime now. Hardware is an HP DL380 G4 serving about 100 users behind a 50 mbps internet link.

  • And at the other end of the scale, 7 days is good going for me. And at one small office with a broken UPS inverter ("U" doesn't apply at all there, and the "P" is questionable) 7 hours is all that can be hoped for  :(

  • If anyone ever needed a seriously low-watt and super reliable box, its you.
    I bet people there have seriously considered putting a DC-Dyno on a bicycle frame.

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