Configure LAN1 -> WAN1 and LAN2 -> WAN2

  • Hi,

    I have a LAN and a DMZ configured. In the DMZ I have a webserver that is available from the outside through the WAN1. Everything is working correctly.

    Now due to the slow connection I want to configure a new WAN to access the webserver. I want LAN to connect through WAN1 and DMZ to connect through WAN2.

    I have tried several different configurations without success similar to the ones I have at the moment for the DMZ through WAN1 but I cannot get to the webserver from the outside. I have made a packet capture on WAN2 and I receive several traffic.

    Any help? Thanks

  • Configure each WAN as a separate gateway. In the firewall's Internet access rule for LAN use the advanced gateway option to choose WAN1 and for the DMZ choose WAN2.

    In the NAT rules make sure you're actually choosing WAN2 for the forwarded ports to DMZ.

  • Thanks.

    I configured WAN2 as a different interface and created a new gateway accordingly. At this moment if I have a computer on LAN2 and check my external IP address I get the public IP address of WAN2. That means that my internet connection is going through WAN2, which is fine. The only problem that I am still having is that I cannot connect from the ourside to the webserver on LAN2 although I have created all the rules. Any hints?

    The webserver is working correctly if I connect through WAN1.

  • You need to choose WAN2 when port forwarding. There is no need for any other rules. The Advanced Gateway settings are only for outgoing connections. You can receive external connections from WAN2 to LAN2 even if LAN2 is using WAN1 for outgoing.

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