Multi tenent routing with pfsense and ubantu openvpn

  • Hi all, i'm new to pfsense. I have very different problem . please have a look at the picture below. the thing is for some reason pfsense and a ubantu in remote site are connected via ipsec tunnel and again another ubantu gateway at third location connected to second  ubantu server via open vpn everything is fine,now coming to routing part. i can ping first ubantu from pfsense, but i can't ping second ubantu since there is no route in pfsense. So i have to write a route in pfsense saying that any traffic to should go via (first ubantu), but since pfsense and this ubantu are not in same subnet i couldn't add route in pfsense. pleaese help me do it.

    important part.  not possible to use any other vpn technology other than openvpn between ubantu servers. you might think its wiered but for some reason this is the strucre. is there any way to route the traffic.

    please help me how to redirect or forward traffic via, which means to another gateway (ubantu1)

    thank you very mcuh in advance.

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    It must be broken because you installed ubantu.  ;D Don't get me wrong, but the network scheme is crazy enough for me to never want to use anything like that even if it were the last internet connection in the world. Plus, "redirect or forward traffic via" has apparently nothing to do with pfsense since both those boxes are running "ubantu".

    So, on a serious note, kindly clarify what does this thing have to do with pfSense.

  • If I understand it correctly, you need to create an interface and gw for the tunnel which you can then create a static route against.

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