Upgrading a compactflash install from 1.2.3 to 2.0.3

  • greetings,

    a couple years ago i built for a friend of mine one of those tiny 2 interface firewall kits with the CF version of pfsense.  it has run fine, only the VPN tunnels will not stay up from his house to mine (they have to be constantly restarted).

    i am flying out for a weekend visit to his house in 2 weeks, and id like to update  him from 1.2.3 to 2.0.3 when i am there.  i have performed tons of upgrades of other pfsense systems, but this is the only one that is the CF version that i have ever set up.  is there anything i need to watch out for?  are these upgrades typically smooth?

    if its risky, should i just pull the CF and do a new install on a new card?

    any advice or anecdotal experience with this upgrade would be appreciated.  thanks!

  • I have only one piece of advice about smoothly upgrading that box of his to 2.03
    Use the 2.1 release.  It should be out within that time.  I think.

  • Netgate Administrator

    You shouldn't have any problems upgrading from 1.2.3 to 2.0.3 but bringing a spare cf card can't hurt.
    The config file was updated between those releases. When you update it will be updated accordingly but that means it will no longer be compatible with 1.2.3. So you should make sure you've backed it up in case you have to switch back to the old slice.


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