Setting up Remote syslog with Kiwi

  • I have Kiwi Syslog Service Manager 8.2 installed on my server (windows xp). I have set up Kiwi to listen to UDP connections, and have setup the remote syslog in pfsense to point to the servers IP address yet I don thave any events showing up in kiwi.

    Is there a detailed how to in setting this up, maybe I am missing something.

  • This worked for me. New install of SyslogD 8.2.18. Opened, installed service, started service. On pfsense, checked the box, entered the IP address of the box running syslogd. Stated getting messages immediately. Firewall is running rc2.

  • I have the same setup and Windows Firewall was blocking the incoming messages.

    Setup a Windows Firewall Exception for port UDP 514 and the logs started coming through.

  • I wouldn't recommend disabling local logging, unless you have a specific reason for doing so. It's usually desirable to be able to see the logs from the webGUI as well as on your syslog server.

    Your config is fine, my first guess is as onhel suggested, a firewall on the machine.

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