Wireless usb dongle

  • I have an Intel D510MO I put embedded pfsense on (64 bit 2.1 RC2). This card has one pci slot, one pcie mini slot and lots of usb ports. I used the pci slot to get a 2nd ethernet port and thought I'd try to get wireless by using a usb dongle. I have 3 of those, only one looked alive, saying

    zyd0: <belkin 3="" usb="" 2.0="" wlan,="" rev="" 2.00="" 48.10,="" addr="">on usbus4</belkin> 

    If I do ifconfig it gives back

    zyd0: flags=8802 <broadcast, simplex,="" multicast="">metric 0 mtu 2290 ether 00:11... media IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (autoselect) status: no carrier</broadcast,> 

    I tried to assign this to OPT0 but it didn't "take" for some reason.

    I'm wondering what to try next. I could try the mini pcie approach next if I can get hold of a card that is workable. Another option, I understand, is that I might be able to find a pci riser card that allows two regular pci cards to plug in; that means my wireless could be a regular pci card. I might even dispense with the LAN port and go entirely WLAN, which would mean I don't need to bother with the riser. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    I did notice in looking through some threads, a suggestion to put a firmware load command into loader.conf.local but I couldn't find that file. Maybe the post was too old.

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    loader.conf.local but I couldn't find that file. Maybe the post was too old.

    You just need to create that file.

  • Ah, OK. I also found some other posts about it.

    I got further along in the configuration, but the dmesg output on the monitor says "zyd0: HOSTAP mode not supported". So, back to the drawing board…

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