Big problem with basic Multi WAN functions - 2.1

  • When i reboot the modem for WAN2 (non-default-gateway) this gateway never returns online
    even when the underlying PPPoE connection is up and running again with a new IP.

    No such issue on WAN1 (default)

    i have 2x PPPoE identical WANs set up for load balancing

    • each has different DNS IP's
    • each has a different Google IP for monitoring, ISP assigns same gateway to both WANs and pfsense doesn't like this.

    Log attached. Hopefully this can be fixed before 2.1 is out, it's a deal breaker.
    It's reproducible every time.

    i've done this many times, most times wan2 gateway remains down,
    sometimes it returns but DynDNS doesn't update the new IP whereas
    when wan2 gateway is down DynDNS always updates.

    under 2.0.3 gateway returns
    when WAN2 PPPoE is back up pf says "Gateway status could not be determined considering all up"

    same things happens when i reboot pfsense,
    WAN2 is sometimes erroneously marked as down


  • Does it persist when you restart the apinger service?

  • @timthetortoise:

    Does it persist when you restart the apinger service?

    no, restarting apinger fixes it right away

  • can someone help me with this?
    this issue makes 2.1 completely unusable

    i think this happens because both PPPoEs get the same gateway IP from the server, but that is common

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