Multi-vlan/ 5 wans, 2 lans..

  • id like some help, and if some hardcore pfsense guy wants a few bux i can paypal some cash.

    my dream pfsense box:
    5 Wans' and 2 Lans.

    3 wans for network #1
    with 2 LAN gateway address.
    wan #1  10mbit static ip with 5 external addresses and some specific port forwarding, asterisk optimized prefered.
    wan #2  50mbit dyamic ip
    wan #3 70mbit dynaic ip
    lan #1 static ip of for loadbalanced/fallover of wan 2/3
    lan#2 static ip of for port forward from wan#1

    seperate network/ v-lan
    2 wans for network #2
    1 lan for network #2
    load balanced between 2 50mbit wans. /round robin/failover
    prioritize streaming services /hulu/netflix

    i currently run 2 pfsense boxes with a 3rd im playing with.
    one is stable my current wan#1<->lan with my port forwards.
    one is my "guest network" with one of the 2 wans. and bit-torrent blocking.

    a 3rd im playing with has 2 wans and whenever i do the multiwan single lan wizard it always has plenty of cue errors whenit tried to refresh config.

    can anyone point me in the right direction?

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