FailOver doubts+squid not in transparent mode.

  • Hi.

    I will try to implement a Multi-WAN/Failover with pfsense 2.0.3.

    I have read a lot of tutorials about, I got some doubts:

    My ISP are: PPP/DHCP.

    1; We don't add nothing special in the dns settings general tab, we let each ISP add  their DNS to our box?

    2; Most of the tutos, say that we need to add a rule in our LAN to allow our LAN Subnet ANY proto, GW our FailOver Group, this is necesary? for me this something I always avoid, I just open what I need.
      Example, I have some ALIAS with just the ports I want my LAN reach TCP/UDP, I understand that I need to use my new GW(Failover) for each group.

    3; For any rule un my LAN, I have to use my new GWGroup?

    4; I use squid:

    not in "Transparent Mode",

    I have read a lot of threads that talk about the issues this services have, example, no one in my LAN can reach port 80/443 if it is not over my proxy, this how I force my users, how do u have been able to make squid work with a FailOver setup? nothing speacial?

    Any tips I will appreciated, thanks!!!

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