Apple TV and iPad AirPlay on Same SubNet not Working

  • Hi,

    I have been using pfsense v2.0.3 for a long time since now.

    Recently I bought an iPad and an Apple TV with the AirPlay Mirroring and I’m facing some problems.

    When I use a boxed Router D-Link, I can "AirPlay" my media to my Apple TV from the iPad. But when I try this using my pfsense box it doesn’t work.

    The iPad ant the Apple TV are in the same subnet.
    IP are DHCP
    The firewall rules are From Any to Any.

    Reading a post on the internet a person say that the problem is the IPv6, he suggests to activate in my "Router" IPv6 Routing.

    Does any buddy know what can be happening?

    Thanks. Sergio.

  • Hi I have been doing lots of tests and the problem is solved.

    1. if you are in different subnets then activate System > Advanced > Networking: Allow IPv6. After that enable proper Firewall rules to allow traffic.

    2. If you are in the same subnet pFsense does not interfere with AirPlay. In my case the problem was my WiFi Router that didn’t hade enable the IPv6 traffic for internal network.

    Sergio Handal.

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