Auto blocking websites?

  • I'm having an issues with pfsense auto blocking websites. Sounds funny but I swear its happening, lol.
    After I reset my pfsense router, my wife and I are able to log on to our (different) educational websites for school. But about 24 hours later we will lose connection to those websites at the exact same time and they will not load again till I restart the router.

    It kinda sucks when you are in the middle of a simulation and it just stops working ya know?

    Not that its a port issue since it works sometimes. One site uses port 2222 and the other is just basic HTTP and HTTPs ports. I tired forwarding the ports as directed in the pfsense how-to's guide, but that doesn't seem to help.

    I can't find anyone else with the same issue. Maybe I should just reinstall?

    I'm using pfsense 2.0.3

    If you need anything from me let me know, thank you for the help.

  • Oh yeah, I tired resetting the router to factory defaults and with nothing but the basic configurations it is still happening.

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